Timothy Steward

Software Expert & Teacher

Good to meet you! My programming journey started over 15 years a go when I was hired to do web development. I started off programming in PHP, Perl, CGI scripting, and HTML. From there I worked into developing administration tools for web sites. The job took me further into doing programming for database applications. My carrier has ventured into developing applications for a warehouse, accounting, banking software, commodity software, and more. While working as a professional contractor, I was also given the opportunity to train new employees and really enjoyed it. Many of the employees that I trained excelled, and it confirmed that I had the ability to help others to grasp new concepts and to gain programming knowledge very quickly. I enjoyed giving impromptu speeches in college, and even joined an improv comedy group later on in my life!

My computer programming experience and training has provided me with some of the following accomplishments that have led me into the development of training courses:

  1. Over 15 years of computer programming experience
  2. Two apps on the app store
  3. Mentored by an Apple developer who made thousands
  4. Teaching experience
  5. Training in improv comedy

My goal is to provide students with a fun and easy to learn environment. I believe in having a good attitude, and explaining concepts in a way that people can relate to!