Timothy A. Storlie, PhD

Psychologist, Hynotherapist, Counselor, and Daydreamer

Hello! My name is Timothy Storlie. I’m a PhD psychologist, licensed counselor, MSW social worker, hypnotherapist, author, and martial arts enthusiast. A passionate advocate for the study of the dreaming brain, I specialize in the study of consciousness, spirituality, sports performance enhancement, and stress management. I've written several dream-related papers and recently finished development of this advanced-level course on intentional daydreaming

You might be wondering, why I created the Intentional Daydreaming course? Simple. Because—as a life-long daydreamer—I knew how beneficial daydreaming can be—especially when it comes to accelerating personal growth and professional development.

As a psychologist specializing in dream work, I knew daydreaming was a normal brain activity that just about anyone could use. But, there was a problem! Although 100’s of books were available that focused on night-time dreaming, when it came to day dreaming, there were only a handful! Even then, most of the “good stuff” was available only to those brave enough to enter the dry world of academic journals.

So—long story short—one afternoon about 3 years ago, I had a daydream that provided information, insight, and inspiration. I dreamt about creating a simple daydreaming system that would provide all the really “good stuff” with jargon-free explanations and practical methods that people could use to help accelerate personal and professional success. This special course is the result of that creative daydream and I hope you’ll enjoy completing it as much as I did developing it!


A futurist and NLP Trainer, Dr. Storlie is an outspoken advocate for communication, critical thinking, and reasoning. He serves as a Stress Topic Expert for the GoodTherapy blog. Dr. Storlie is also a member of the Expert Panel of TechCast Global—a research organization that produces authoritative forecasts designed to help governments, businesses and organizations adapt to a rapidly changing world. Author of several books and other publications, his most recent book is Person-Centered Communication with Older Adults: The Professional Providers Guide. A long-time martial arts enthusiast, Timothy holds a black belt in Eclectic Martial Arts.

Timothy graduated from historic Saybrook University where he earned a Ph.D. in Psychology with a dual concentration—Integrative Health Studies and Consciousness and Spirituality. He also completed a post-doctoral certificate in Dream Studies. Dr. Storlie earned his B.S. in Education from Portland State University and two graduate degrees also from PSU—an M.S. in Special Education and an MSW in Social Work. He is also the founder of Raising Hope Network.

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