Terrance Wyatt, MBA

Investment Advisory Professional at Udemy

Terrance Wyatt has been avid and successful investor for over 10 years with hard earned experience in various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, options, futures, real estate, various miscellaneous debt instruments, and venture capital. Terrance's extensive academic background in both technology & finance (BSc in Business & Information Technology/ MBA in Finance & Information Systems Management) along with his successful tenures with some of the largest and best known multi-billionaire dollar corporations (The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, Daimler AG) in the world has also given him a unique business perspective on deciphering well known corporate jargon into repeatable & profitable trading/investment strategies.  Terrance founded No Bull Investing in 2016 while successfully founding and chairing his highly successful private investment club Southeast Young Professionals based in Atlanta, GA. 

Terrance's goal of arming the "Average Joe or Jane" with the tools (most of these tools are surprisingly FREE) and knowledge they need in order to quickly master advanced finance topics for use in repeatable, profitable, and detailed trading and investing strategies is the thought process behind No Bull Investing. Terrance's simple explanations without the BS you get from the average Finance "expert" is what sets No Bull Investing apart from anything else you may be familiar with in the investing world. 

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