Tanmoy Das

Online Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Freelancer

11 Years working as a Freelancer & at different MNCs has taught me a lot of practical and techno-functional skills which I have shared with many of my students and colleagues in the physical world. Now, it is time to get into the Virtual World and share the knowledge with many more developing and growing hearts & minds from across the world!

I love meeting people and making friends. I have not only met thousands of people, but have left a mark on most of them in the last decade or so, while I was either teaching in my professional course, or as a freelance coach or while working as a freelancer myself. It is time to go beyond! Udemy gives me a chance to meet many more online and probably leave an impact in their lives as well.

My students and colleagues love the clarity of thought in my sessions and how I explain things in a manner so that even a layman would understand. It is not easy, but I love to put myself in the shoes of my students to understand their pain points and solve them.

Freelancing is the way to move forward! The faster one understands, it is better for her. And here I am, with my contribution to the ever increasing number of freelancers from around the world. If I can touch someone's heart and fill it with a smile; if I can touch someone's mind and fill it with some constructive information, which helps him to earn his own bread and butter, I would consider myself grateful.

Most of my courses here on Udemy would be low cost courses, as I want more and more freelancers to be able to afford them and move ahead in life. That does not mean the quality doesn't matter to me. Quality is of utmost importance and I will ensure that I do not waste anyone's time here, just by filling my page with number of courses. I wish I had access to such immaculate and practical material when I started myself. It could have elevated my career to newer heights!

But it is not the same for you. You have things in your reach. Just browse through all the courses that I have on offer here and select the one (or more) which you need most and take the plunge. You will never be disappointed!

* Make Sure you go through the promo video of every course before you start.

* Ask Questions and feel free even if you think that is a silly one. I would do my best to get back to you asap!

Let's Learn & Grow Together! 

Wish you all the best :)

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