Tamira Wilson

Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Artist

Tamira Wilson  is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and a Serial Entrepreneur, who has helped hundreds of individuals and has a genuine passion for helping people succeed in their business, finances, health and relationships. She has a strong business side as well as a strong creative side.  She holds a B.A. in Communication and a double minor in Psychology and Counseling. She was the youngest to retire from a Public Transportation Company in 2012. After retiring, she became a licensed Realtor and Real Estate Investor while continuing to pursue her passions in online marketing; the film industry as a professional actor, as well as a Makeup and Special Fx Makeup Artist behind the scenes, which she received credit for both on IMDb. She also performed in theatre as an actor, and has done commercials. She was involved in Sentient, a Sci-fi webseries as a doctor; an extra in the “Mothman Prophecies” as well as “Those Who Kill.” 

She is an expert business strategist and has helped entrepreneurs succeed with Social Media, Email Marketing; SEO; Personal Branding and Web Design while helping them increase their revenue.

In addition to this, she is the artistic director for GraceNMotion Dance Ministry, where she enjoys volunteering her time by lifting the hearts and spirits of the elderly through liturgical dance in local nursing homes and dancing at local venues.

Tamira loves to travel, read, eat, sing, write, dance and spend time with her family and friends. She is a Travelpreneur and has an online travel business.

Today, she continues to bless, motivate and inspire others with her God given gifts and talents to help people unlock their destiny to reach their fullest potential and teach people how to earn multiple streams of income.

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