Susan McIntire

Habit and Productivity Expert, Journalist, Visual Thinker

"I've interviewed countless successful business people and one thing that they have in common is innovative ideas. When Susan shared an idea with me, I took action within 2 hours and changed the way I do business. If you want to learn ideas effortlessly, and be inspired to take action, Susan delivers the solution." John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire

Principles and tactics to easily get things done:

I empower you to get results so you can fast-track your learning and springboard off my 30 years of coaching, habit and productivity, visual and marketing experience. I've worked for corporations, small businesses and one-on-one and I know I can teach you how to drill down to achieve success in reaching your goals.

I've been recruited by and worked for companies with household names like Oscar Mayer and Godfather's Pizza, Inc. headquarters and coordinated licensing and promotions in corporate roles, dealing with the Olympic Games, Subway, NBA, Hasbro, and Disney, etc.

I've also helped coordinate sales and distribution with corporations such as JCPenney, Wal-Mart, and Target.

I've written for newspapers and ad/pr agencies both large and small, and sold my own art and photography first-hand in retail locations.

From an early age, I was drawn to visual arts and writing and I understood the power of making the most of short bits of time to create success.

I've been building on those passions ever since. At five, I won my first art award and at seven, I wrote to the Ft. Myers News Press in Florida asking to write two pages of children's news. (I was invited to tour the paper but sadly, my request to be a reporter was declined. Nowadays, I'd surely have been a young blogger!)

I pressed on with my dream and became not only the youngest editor-in-chief of my award-winning high school newspaper and literary magazine but also President of the Florida Scholastic Press Association. As an editor, I first began coaching my peers and gained valuable experience in goal-setting and success. I became a contributing writer to several newspapers, won various awards and earned my degree in journalism from The University of South Carolina, graduating from its prestigious South Carolina Honors College.

I love using the insights I've gleaned to take complicated information and transform it into bite-sized modules so you can use to transform your life!

I promise if you stick with me, I answer all questions in a comprehensive way and I'll give you actionable, proven roadmaps to realistically set and achieve the daily habits that will help you live the life of your dreams.

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