Steven Webb

Integral Life Coach

For the past decade, Steven Webb has been working to help others understand and relate to inner experiences and transformations that have made him a well-known speaker, author, and guide in the world of life…living life as a human on Earth, and not getting bogged down by it.

Steve has had his own fair share of the roller-coaster ride, and this has made him a qualified teacher in the art of handling the ups and downs of financial situations; love and marriage; raising children; and the relationship between body and mind. We are not our body, and Steve has learned that fact in a deeper way than most of us, due to having to spend most of his life without mobility after a diving accident as a teenager.

What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into a full-time passion. By passion, you could exchange that for “exhilarating, unstoppable, determined, joyous path”. To those whose lives he touches through his very popular social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, along with his website…;  his radio interviews; his encouraging videos; his articles and books; Steve pushes everyone to see beyond the daily struggles, and realize, as he says, “There’s a gift in everything that happens. You just have to find it.”

Steve has written his first book, ‘The Moving Road: START your own Journey to SUCCESS in 4 simple steps‘, available on Amazon U S and U K, and is now working on his second book,  ‘5 Human Dimensions‘. He is also providing a free introductory offer of his motivational guidebook… `80 Ways to Improve Your Motivation, Focus, and Get Stuff Done’ on his website for digital download.

As a 42-year old blogger, author, speaker, spiritualist and motivator living in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, he is a survivor with a joyous inner peace, speaking to all about the navigation of life.

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