Sneha Reddy


I am a Life-Enthusiast, a Dream-Chaser and a Problem-solver.

I work with awesome people who are striving to live their best lives. I help them break the monotony that sets in during adulthood and expose them to all that life has to offer.

I, Sneha Reddy, want to share all that I have learnt and all that I am learning, with the world. I am being unselfish by sharing all the ways of being a Freakin' Awesome Being that I know of. And, I am being selfish, because when I put out all that I know (my thoughts) into the world, I attract more like-minded people into my life who want to be Freakin' Awesome!

I am a strong believer of the Laws of the universe that "affirm" that each one of us has infinite potential. All one needs is to Realize it, Accept it & Believe it. But the realization of our infinite potential does not come to us so easily. Our minds are conditioned, to be practical (read pessimistic) and tolive with our "limitations".

I am a dream-chaser and I wish to see people around me to be passionate dream chasers as well. I want people to fall in love with themselves. Because it's so much fun just to have wholesome conversations with people burning with as much passion for their dreams as you are. My enthusiasm will never let you go until you meet your Freakin' Awesome self! The perfect balance of in-depth awareness and crystal clear techniques will help you connect better to yourself and your world. I will help you achieve that balance.

Looking forward to speaking the language of passion and dreams with you! :)

Looking forward to making your life Freakin' Awesome!

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