Sarah Lambert

Entreprenuer, Artist

Art is a hobby for some, but not for Sarah. She has loved art ever since she was a little girl. Her passionate desire to grow into the greatest version of herself lead her to following her dreams in an attempt to discover the meaning of life.

Along the way, she encountered many difficulties which tested her faith and ability to push forward. But this was simply a challenge, which cultivated a new level of determination inside of her to face her challenges head on, because she knew that on the other side awaited her dreams.

She went through many years of trying to find herself, changing her major in college countless times and spending all her time working at a job that she wasn't passionate about.

At the age of 24, Sarah made the bold decision to start working for herself. She is now in the early stages of entrepreneurship, and her goal is to lead by example; to show others that it is possible to follow your dreams and make a living doing what you love.

Her desire for art and the innate connection she has with nature is what gave her the courage to reach out and create a world she once dreamed to be impossible. Her motive was simple and clear: in what ways could she create a better world for others to thrive in?

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