Sammie Swan

Creator of SOAR Method Yoga - Yoga for Irish Dancers

Hi! I'm Sammie Swan!

I am the founder of SOAR Method Yoga, the only yoga program in the world specifically geared towards and created for Irish Dancers. Throughout an 18 year competitive Irish Dance career, I was ranked top 11 in the Mid-West Region, top 25 in North America, and competed at the All Ireland & World Championships. I performed alongside The Chieftains, Chicago Reel, and at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. For the final three years of my competitive career, I implemented a consistent yoga practice on top of my dance training. This allowed me to create awareness on my yoga mat and on the dance stage. I offer private sessions, workshops abroad at Irish dance academies, and goal coaching. I am so honored to be able to offer this to dancers around the globe.

As you unroll your yoga mat in my classes, we move slowly with strength and awareness to create intention within the subtle body. Each class represents a certain theme, a story that can be applied to the yoga practice both on and off the mat. Physically, we build up to a peak posture that we break down to further your understanding and depth of the posture. We move slowly, with intention and strength, to become the best versions of ourselves in our practices. I believe in creating a sustainable practice for you that will last a lifetime focusing on alignment in classical postures. It is my greatest honor to be able to offer each student tools that can transform their practice, mindset, and passion.

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