Saleem Asad

Music Producer for Universal Publishing

Lazyboi has spent years crafting his skills with a fresh new sound, learning from the Worlds best. Now ready to step into the spotlight and touch a worldwide audience through his music!

His strengths consist of engineering, mixing, artist development, drum/track programming, vocal producing, song arranging, playing guitar, keys, and drums. His versatility is the sound of the FUTURE! Lazyboi is also involved with a few Tech Startups specializing in fusing Music and technology together by means of Algorithm Marketing, Mobile App distribution and developing software technologies for new advanced ways to distribute music.

To Brand an Artist you have to be able to create a style and sound around what makes them unique. Every song is crafted with this in mind, which eventually turns into a one of a kind body of work.

To be able to guide a project to success, one must understand how to motivate people to work together, creating a magic chemistry that's heard on countless hit records, as well as understanding the intricacies within the record making process.

Every project Lazyboi works on is with the intent to be NEXT LEVEL CUTTING EDGE.

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