Rob Glass

Professional video journalist

Rob Glass has been working in broadcasting for twenty years. During his time as a BBC television presenter he was acknowledged as one of the UK's most creative practitioners. He found his niche as a video journalist, single-handedly filming and editing features for BBC News. He also spent time as a trainer, showing other BBC journalists how to work independently too. In 2004 Rob set up Coracle Films so that he could help organisations beyond the BBC communicate using video. Rob has produced over 1,500 features for broadcast and by doing so he has seen how video seems to work on two different levels, one logical, the other emotional, in much the same way that a pencil can write a shopping list or a tear-jerking poem. For the past seven years Rob has been perfecting a way to pass on the rudiments of video storytelling, and now does so thanks to the ludicrous simplicity of the iPad.