Roberto Neri

TV Producer, Entrepreneur

Hi guys,

My name is Rob Neri. I'm an entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in digital media, TV production and project leadership in advertising and online marketing agencies. I have achieved a lot being part of this business, but I knew I had to move a step further, so I decided with my partner to share the beauty of online content with you, in the matter of specific tools and needs, applying my experience of content production in the structure of the course.

I've worked for both content production and marketing departments in WOBI TV Channel (World Business Forum) where we produced TV series about management, advertising, modern design and interviews with the most recognized thinkers of the world, but also covering the most important business events. Within that experience I've created a strong platform of content production which helped me to design a relevant content curriculum for the course.

With this opportunity, we've designed a curriculum for you to understand the necessary techniques to become an experienced and well prepared targeted traffic builder for driving the correct people to your website, blog, social networks, how to make money on Youtube and appear on Google first page results. Along with my experience in TV production, management, advertising and business programs, together with my partner Julian experience in Online Marketer specializing in product creation and affiliate marketing with years of expertise developing campaigns across various companies , we would like to share all our knowledge for you to gain experience and accomplish your professional goals in terms of marketing, promotion and traffic field.

I'm Roberto Neri, I'm from Venezuela living in Buenos Aires, Rob is my nickname. If you would like to contact me, please don't hesitate, do it. Hope this first course fulfills your expectations and make you a road to the real independence a little bit shorter.

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