Rennard Watkins

Online Basketball Coach

I have been a basketball player since around the age of 5. I have played on every level of basketball up to college. In my time as a player, I was a starting point guard on many successful teams for most of my career including consecutive district champions teams.

Following my playing career, I made a transition into coaching where I began coaching boys 8 & 9 year old basketball teams. We had a heavy focused on learning the fundamentals and playing the game the proper way.

Shortly thereafter I was offered a position coaching a great group of 15,16,17 year old players for an established AAU program. We played in hundreds of games and successful finished in the top 16 out of over 200 teams in the National Tournament in Orlando, FL. Our focus here was to improve each players individual skills to help our student athletes get an athletic scholarship.

After a couple years traveling around the country with my AAU team, a position became available to teach public education. While teaching, I developed a basketball program and coached middle school boys basketball.

Now I am coaching a new group of 7th & 8th grade students in the game of basketball. Again, with a heavy focus on fundamentals and learning the game.

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