Radu Popa

Technical trainer

Hello, my name is Radu and I live in Romania. I work as a trainer and consultant in a very cool Romanian company (ROMCOM) and I am focused mainly on the technical and technology side.

Even though I graduated a computer science faculty some during the last study years I decided I don't want to be a software developer but rather work in Human Resources. 4 years of volunteering experience in AIESEC got me very interested in working with people and helping them grow.

So far I have worked in 4 very different companies, a small Dutch-Romanian IT company, a multinational manufacturing corporation, a Romanian HR Consultancy company and now in a Swiss-Romanian consultancy company.

Even though I have worked as a HR professional in all these places, my computer science background made me always look for ways in which technology can help me do my work in a more efficient, better and maybe even fun way. About this topic I also started a blog called freshcomputerskills.

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