Rachel Bicknell

Network Engineer, Technical Writer, Trainer, Public Speaker

Rachel Bicknell is a network engineer with 14 years of experience and a degree in computer science from James Madison University. She has over her entire career trained coworkers and customers on many information technology concepts, including architecting and configuring networks with Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme devices. She has produced many procedural and architectural documents, thus simplifying the understanding of technology that looked complicated at first glance. Rachel also has experience with public speaking; At the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) meeting 38 she presented, TL1 Device Monitoring on the Cheap, explaining the information technology topic of TL1.

In her spare time she volunteers with Pug Rescue groups to help pug dogs out of bad situations and adopted into good, loving, “forever" homes.

Rachel is here on Udemy to teach what she knows in an approachable way. Please do not hesitate to drop her a message if you need help with a course, or if you have a suggestion for a course. She may not always be able to help you directly, but she would still love to converse to you.

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