Petr Hess

Information Technology

Hi! I'm Petr. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and Process Control from Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and you might call me a bit of Chem-IT geek.

After helping my friends and family with various IT tasks during my studies, I learned that IT was very good career development path.I worked in big companies during my studies and now I'm still in one Big IT Company almost 5 years.

I'm happy to provide knowledge sharing to my peers and also outside of work to my friends. I'm teaching chemical Engineering subjects as well as programming languages like Python, R and scientific programs like Matrix Laboratory, Maple and LabView during my free time. During my studies I have developed education portal for students in Modular Objective Oriented Language. Now, I like to share my secrets information with you.

You wouldn't believe what is possible to get from my courses. I believe that my course is the best on the market and if you don't agree, I'll happily refund your money.

Sign up to Google Search Box: Master Skills for Searching and join me in this adventure today.

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