Peter Luca, M. Sc., B. Ed., B. Sc.

Educator for adults and children

As an educator for adults and children for over 20 years, I have learned how to deliver material in a way that makes students learn with ease. 

My teaching style promotes active-learning – an approach to teaching in which students become engaged in a lesson. In contrast to a standard mode of instruction where teachers do most of the talking and students are passive, active-learning has students doing/thinking/talking about the material, not listening to someone else talk about it.

I have outstanding creativity and innovation in delivering course material to students; I put into practice what works best to motivate and enrich students’ understanding of the topic. As a result, I have a strong commitment to develop instructional strategies that foster optimal student learning. 

I am extremely hard working, intelligent, enthusiastic and very well organised. My leadership skills are impeccable and I have a great rapport with my students and colleagues.  I also present as a sincere, friendly, and non-judgemental person who is likeable and responsible.  I am continuously growing as a teacher and my goal is to always increase my knowledge of learning theories and instructional strategies that are effective in teaching others.

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