Pete Green

Uber Driver Since 2013, Founder of

Experience matters in the ride share business. I am a veteran with Uber since 2013 & now I am providing you a chance for success with my knowledge of just about every trick of the trade. With me, you will learn how to compete in 2017 as an Uber driver, how to master the surge pricing and use different strategies to earn, how to operate as a driver (whether you are new or experienced) as well as how to provide a car service.  These are the types of things that you are expected to know as an independent contractor prior to even signing up to be a driver!  This is why your "training" with any ride share company is nothing more than a demonstration of how to use the app itself.  Furthermore, on top of the courses I offer, I also run a website I created that is designed to provide key resources, tips, tricks, supplies with our online supply superstore, blog entries to learn from, paid opportunities from being a mentor to being an affiliate marketer and much more! Be sure to check it all out and subscribe for updates!

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