Paul Lennon

Professional composer and teacher

Musician, composer & teacher.

An all-round musician accomplished on many instruments including guitar, violin, piano, bass, trumpet, drums, banjo. He also composes and records in many styles that stem from his classical and jazz training and from his experience playing in bands ranging from folk, reggae, pop to modern jazz.

Studied violin, piano and composition at Trinity College of Music and attained his L.T.C.L. in the second year.

Currently teaching privately and is writing and recording media music with David Hewson.

Co-author with Ben Hewlett on the Ben Hewlett Harmonica Course. Paul composed and recorded all the material for the CDs that accompany the books in this series as well producing all the music notation with harmonica TAB.

Examples of Paul’s work can be heard on his website along with more information about his teaching and writing.

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