Paul Hemphill

College Advisor

I make high school students successful for the rest of their lives. I do it by teaching them the proven strategies that get them into their first-choice colleges, the same strategies that will provide life-lessons that will always be part of an individual's success formula. My approach is the "next level" in college planning.

I'm the most visible college conultant on TV stations from Boston to Washington, DC. As a professional marketing specialist for over 30 years, my admission formula makes a student irresistible to colleges before they see grades, test scores or sports ability, thereby increasing the chances for admission and merit aid.

My financial aid formula lowers the cost of college with practical and common sense strategies that fly in the face of the standard default loan strategies advocated by college and financial experts.

My first book, How To Win The College Game, reveals my many secrets to get into and to afford college. What some consider to be my trademark humor is evident throughout the book as I demonstrate how to benefit from getting around colleges' most deceitful practices.

My second book, Why You're Already A Leader, uses the battle of Gettysburg to prove, with 88 short stories, that leadership is in your DNA. Because leadership is the #1 quality sought by every college, I am the nation's only college consultant who can make your child look like a leader even if s/he is not engaged in one activity.

My third book, Gettysburg Lessons in the Digital Age, answers one question: "How can I benefit from what this person did at Gettysburg?" The book forces history to teach its most important life-lessons, and each student receives the ebook version for free.

My latest book, Planning For College, says one reviewer, is "endearing and hilarious." It includes the easiest way to look like a leader - a college's most desired trait in an applicant - with hardly any effort.

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