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Pamlattes: Pilates by Pam

Originally, I began to lose my "baby flab" by teaching swimming & lifeguarding. Then came the "jazzercise" years (yeah!) followed by hi-lo impact and step classes.  By the time I finished university, I was a sports physiotherapist, a mom of two, a boot camp instructor, a purple belt in martial arts, and a chronic sufferer of low back pain. After my disc ruptured, I underwent emergency disc surgery and several years of active rehabilitation to regain control in both my legs and my postural muscles. I had to face switching from the familiar hard core exercises I loved and enjoyed to something less ... strenuous? At first, I reluctantly took up practicing slow Hatha yoga and gentle Pilates Reformer training. Let's be honest: I used to think that yoga was only for "bendy people" and I was ashamed of my poor flexibility. I also thought yoga was something folks did later in life when they could no longer do "real" exercise. Pilates seemed to have been designed with long graceful ballerinas in mind and I did not fit the profile. I was of a heavier, solid build and I was convinced that my body moved more like that of a soccer or rugby player's. Little did I know that Joseph Pilates was originally a boxer and, despite a series of many unfortunate events, I was destined for a total body makeover! With tons of encouragement from my rehab team I slowly but diligently learned how to do so much more than just walk again! While trying to master my own physical limitations and challenges I wrote down the most effective learning points and skills from four different disciplines and began to comprise a sensational class!

Here are the basic bio details: I have been teaching group exercise mostly through Can-Fit-Pro for 30 years and I am a head and spine sports rehabilitation physiotherapist going on 21 years. I have been using the Pilates small ball for the past decade to help my clients strengthen their core and to cue their stretches. I most often bring my Bender Balls with me on teaching vacations at tropical retreats to give my participants a versatile and safe exercise experience.

I currently have my own consulting business based out of Calgary, Alberta where I primarily treat spinal injuries and post-concussion syndrome. I designed a workbook and I teach a "CoreRehab" Program which is essentially a postural re-alignment and core stabilization class for people suffering from sub-acute or chronic pain. I like to use the Bender Ball, the BOSU, the Styrofoam roll, dumbbells and stability balls as well as education manuals with my personal training clients.

On a final note, I used to call my format of fitness "Yoga Fusion" however my keen participants observed how often I would show up to work carrying my favourite French vanilla latte from home. Pamela's latte-yoga/Pilates-fusion type class soon became nicknamed "Pamlattes" class and I guess the name just fit me perfectly!

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