Oleg Maklak

Master of sport, Kettlebell Champion of Belarus, coach

Hi, I'm Oleg Maklak.

I am absolutely sure, that kettlebells - is the best and fastest way to get strength. But you need to choose heavy weights. If you take 8 or 10 kg (for men) - northing will happen soon. If you want to be strong, you need to work hard.

I started train with kettlebells when I was 17 and after 2 years I won my first competitions. I trained myself with 24 kg kettlebell, which I've found at the garret. At first it was very heavy for me, but soon I could manage with it.

When I was 21 I got titles of Master of Sport of USSR and champion of Belarus Republic.

After this, I focused on studing Martial Arts. Now I work as a coach and personal instructor, using kettlebells as a sourse of power and endurance for my students.

Kettlebells sport came from Russia and USSR, where the smallest weight is 16 kg., then 24 and then 32. This is the point. The beginner can start with 16 kg, but not less. And of course, you need a special exercises to start with the weight, that you can hardly lift.

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