Nikolay Kolev

Freelance Web/App Developer and Designer

Hi, my name is Nikolay Kolev and I'm a Bulgarian web designer and coder, based in Italy. I started my personal company when I was still studying in the University of Milano.

When I graduated (back in April 2012) with top marks, I then took professional Apple and Adobe Master Courses and learned how to use their cutting edge applications and programs. I'm an Apple Certified Pro Level 1 for Logic. Parallel to that, I started teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and Web Design / Web Coding remotely for a company in Torino, using a web video platform that made me able to broadcast my lessons to more than one person.

I have been working in the web area for some time now (almost 7 years) as a freelance web developer and I'm really passionate about it: there is always something new and exciting to learn, and so many great skills to master and use. Once I get them right, I love to teach them to other people and make their lifes easier, make them learn faster and giving them the right tools to accomplish what they want to.

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