Naomi Goldberg

I am a Zen Shiatsu teacher and a therapist since 1988.

I was born in Israel on a a kibbutz. which is like a commune.I grow up in nature, among flowers and trees.I served at the IDF as a tour guide focusing on the southern/desert 
part of Israel 

After my army service I was diagnosed with cancer. ןt made me think about my life and understand that my heart was closed.

Some years later  Zen-Shiatsu came knocking on my front door and I let it in.It was there and then that I knew - I found my calling in life.

I started teaching Zen-Shiatsu after 5 years of study and it became my very happy part of my life.From the very first moment, teaching came from my heart, and I strongly feel my spiritual guides.

Within the zen-shiatsu I developed a way which I call Simple Healing. 

Simple Healing adds to the touch of the Zen-Shiatsu the flavors of color and sacred geometry forms, which lead the healing process to multiple dimensions and directions in the spiritual way.

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