Nalini Kanta Jena

Game artist at Dhruva Interactive

When I was 10 years old everybody discover that I am a gifted artist because at a very early age of 10 I was doing clay modeling of indian goddess without taking any training. I was a famous boy in our village and near by area because of my art.

I did that till my tenth grade then I joined B.K college of art and crafts, Bhubaneswar for my BFA degree in Applied art department. I competed that in 2008. Then I started my professional career.

Since then i have never look back, My art has grown mature. I have worked for many educational Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena as a 3d Faculty. I have got lots of love from my students from those institution.

Then I have worked in game production as Game Artist at Lakshya Digital and Now I am working at Dhruva Interactive in Bangalor.

Although I am working as an Artist, My passion for teaching 3d Modeling, Zbrush sculpting and texturing of game art is still ALIVE.

That's why I am teaching these current edge technology of creating character and prop assets for games (mobile, PC, PS4). Which we are using in production house today.

Final words....I don't just teach, I believe in converting a student into production ready artist. I know, it's a huge task but I love this task. This is Nalini kanta Jena hope I will teach you soon the beauty of game art creation and make a solid career as an game artist. This vastly growing profession is waiting for you.
Last but not the list DON:T JUST PLAN, TAKE ACTION.

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