Mohamed Hegab

Programmer, iOSer , Ninja

i'm a 9 year experienced programmer .. who fall in love with iOS developing..

I'm working now in Shopbox ApS in Denmark creating the main project using iOS

I've worked as Team Lead In OverC Studios From Jul 2013 till Oct 2014 Leading a several teams using Ruby On Rails and iOS in multiple projects.

I've worked as Senior Software Engineer (iOS) at Taya IT from April 2012 till 2013

I've Worked as Senior Software Engineer (Java) at N2V Development House (formerly named NTG-EDC) from 10 of march 2009 till 2012

I've made more than 150 Application on the App store under the name of (The Dark Dimension).. one of the apps called (علمني الآيفون) it's an app teach users how to use the hidden secrets of the devices that they have.

I borned and lived all my life in Egypt,and now I'm living and working in Denmark.. learned a lot in those two good countries .. and I think it's need to pass the torch to other people ..because this is what build up Civilizations

..I think that's enough for now