Michael Taylor

Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science

Teaching is something I came to a little later in life. My first love was technology and that's what my Duke degree is in. I've kept one foot in the programming world most of my life. But several years after graduating, I realized something else was calling me and strangely discovered it was the desire to teach. I went back to school and got a Masters in Education and a Teacher Certificate - and that's what I've been doing for most of my adult life.

I've worked in the public and private sector. I've worked with students of all races and socio-economic backgrounds. My primary subjects have been Math and Computer Science although I like to think I teach a lot about how to be a good student [We're all life-long learners!!]. I did a year stint in Hungary as English as a Second Language teacher and an even shorter volunteer job teaching fractions to 3rd graders using my limited Bahasa in Jakarta.

I recently returned to the programming world for a change of pace but there's that tug to teach again (and all this Math knowledge slipping away!). The courses I'm providing are an attempt to feed my teaching desire, share the knowledge I've gained, and let me explore the snowballing phenomenon of MOOCs.

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