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Hello friend,

My name is Michael Oden, better known as MO. Some even call me Captain MO. I'm your current host at The School of Real Estate Success. Also, I'm #YourMarketingTrainer. I'm excited you're taking the time to read my Bio! I'm even more excited about your enrollment in marketing training courses at The School of Real Estate Success. I've designed the school to help you better understand marketing. Each course teaches you how to apply simple and creative marketing strategies to your business to gain an unfair, yet ethical competitive advantage.

Success in real estate sales boils down to one thing, marketing. I'll teach you how to make your marketing creative and simple.

A little about me...

As a full-time real estate investor and licensed agent I transacted over 75 deals in two years. I've owned and manged an apartment building 10 minutes north of Atlanta, GA. I've analyzed a 150 storage unit complex (I didn't buy it, it's really a retail business) and I've negotiated commercial leases for my accounting and tax business. I've owned and managed 5 retail stores with over 40 employees doing 300K - 500k in revenue in just 3 short months. I've raised over a million dollars from private investors for business ventures. I once raised a quarter of a million dollars in 24 hours with only 7 phone calls. My marketing and fund raising tactics got me on CNN and national news outlets my graduating year at Michigan State University.

I tell you all of this about me because you want to know what can I teach you that you already don't know. You're asking yourself "What will you learn by taking online marketing courses at The School of Real Estate Success? What makes this material any different than other coaching and training programs on the market?"

My understanding of marketing, unique business experiences and understanding of real estate sales allow me to provide you with unique outside the box training to help you better market your real estate business.

I'll show you how I used community engagement marketing strategies to generate net profits of $200K. In less than 3 months. And I'll show you how to do the same for your real estate business in Networking 101 for Real Estate Agents.

I'll show you how I use podcasts to network with 1000's of real estate professionals on a weekly basis. In just a few short hours each week. You can connect with 100's of homeowners in your market with podcasting too. Scott Patton and I show you how in Realtor Podcast Marketing for Real Estate Agents Success.

I'll show you how I use video, sales letters, direct mail, landing pages, text messaging, podcasting and social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to generate leads for my real estate business. All in a few concentrated hours each week. I show you how to do all this and more for your real estate business in Direct Mail Marketing Made Easy for Real Estate Agents and Video Marketing 101 for Real Estate Agents.

At Real Estate Success we practice what we preach. And we show you tips, tricks and strategies from other trainers and coaches who do the same.

That's the Real Estate Success difference!

Thank you for making the choice to become a better marketer. If at any time in the first twelve months of owing our course you don't feel like we've helped you to better market your real estate business, please contact us. We'll happily refund your investment in our course. We're dedicated to your success.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Michael Oden


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