Marianne Dupuis

Certified Trainer & Coach - Communication & Public Speaking

Certified Coach & trainer, I'm specialized in Communication & public speaking.
I've been training people since 1993, as an integral part of any job I did.
Training really is my passion and even... my second nature.

I've spent 10 years in audit and risk management. My job was to detect risks and to help preventing them to occur again.
So, I had to get powerful speaking skills to:
- tell top management that their choices were not fully satisfying,
- get people to change the way they work,

It gave me a lot of opportunities to use my story telling and persuasion skills in public, as I had to sharpen them until I could see changes happening.

Beside this, I've led more than 300 workshops, for people to discover the different cultures of the world. I kept them captivated and attending again, workshop after workshop. How?
By telling them stories for each and every culture.
It worked so well, that I trained others to tell stories and they've used their skills to make extra money at birthday parties.
All together, we did more than 600 story telling there, in four different languages.

Becoming certified as a Coach, I've been training & coaching people on public speaking both for business presentations or private occasions, just like weddings.

I'm working with clients and companies, in group workshops, individual sessions or through online classes. Together, we enhance their confidence, we get over their fear, we polish their speaking skills and we really allow them to show their truly shining personality. Once they feel inspired to move forward, we include a lot of practice. And... it works!

What a relief people experience when they know that whatever happens, they will be able to face it, every time they need to speak in public... What makes me even most proud, is that many of my clients, moved from public speaking fear to public speaking pleasure!

They seek opportunities to deliver their own authentic and powerful messages.

Training people is a journey and I love to equip my clients with life lasting competences.

Meet Marianne at her website for further insights.

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