Mario Janssens

Language Teacher (Spanish, English, Dutch)

I still remember clearly getting started as a language teacher in a secondary school at the age of 23. With absolutely no experience, being thrown in front of the lions was, to say the least, a challenge. Some say all beginnings are hard. Mine felt like falling into the ocean with only basic knowledge of how to swim.

Many years have passed since then. I am now 40 years old and I've never stopped teaching since I got started. To me, teaching is not a job, it's a passion. 

I've taught in an uncountable amount of different types of schools, ranging from secondary schools over adult evening schools, language schools, private classes to universities. I really enjoy teaching one on one. It usually delivers the best results and it allows me to adapt completely to the needs of my students. Every person is different and learns differently, so adapting to the circumstances is vital and essential to proper teaching.

I hope you enjoy my classes. Thanks for any feedback you are willing to share with me.

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