Dr Maria Phalime

Doctor. Award-winning author. Speaker. Coach.

I am a medical doctor, award-winning author, speaker and coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. I guide and inspire professionals to step into the highest expression of themselves.

I began my professional life as a medical doctor, working in public hospitals in Cape Town and the United Kingdom. I share the journey of my medical career and the reasons I chose to walk away from it in my award-winning memoir titled "Postmortem - The Doctor Who Walked Away".

I firmly believe that we all have it in us to live our dreams and make a difference in the world. I share this message of Personal Leadership through public speaking. My main audiences include schools, universities, professional associations and women's groups.

I also coach professionals and teach emerging leaders the tools to create a compelling vision for their lives and to take the necessary actions to achieve it.

I am passionate about empowering young women through mentorship and role-modelling.

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