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The human body was designed to move, not sit for a majority of our waking day. In fact, scientists are finding that sitting too much with poor posture has become an epidemic in our society; it’s causing an overwhelming number of us to have back pain, tension headaches, neck and shoulder tightness, immobility and exercise related injuries.

The fitness industry isn’t doing much to address, or even acknowledge, the problems of immobility and it’s negative affects on the body. It’s no wonder people don’t see the results they expect or hurt themselves exercising at other gyms when such an important factor is neglected.While the industry is slow to adapt, we’re taking the lead on this.

We need to be smarter about how we approach fitness to correct dysfunction in the body and really thrive in our quests for better health and movement. It requires a strong focus on body rehabilitation first in order for you effectively work toward your fitness goals.

Not Your Typical “Gym”

Unlike other gyms in the area, we challenge age-old norms of the fitness industry and approach fitness with a fresh angle. No other gym or fitness facility in Sacramento addresses mobility and imbalances of the body like Fitsom Studios. Our unique program will educate and empower you to move better, address pain and discomfort, and minimize injury so you can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. We train you to build strength and endurance the way your body was designed to move and function. The overall aim is to help you build the best possible foundation for the achievement of any fitness goal.

Our 4 Core Principles

Rehabilitation – Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Before you can start a group class, we need to start by assessing your body for any problem areas pertaining to lack of mobility, muscle tightness, pain or past injuries. Rehabilitation is a core component of our process because it helps to restore balance to the body and increase mobility that has been compromised from living in our sitting culture. This will set you up with a solid foundation to move forward in your healthful journey — while minimizing risk of injury. Your body needs to be able to move well in order to effectively perform fundamental movement patterns in our workouts.

Efficiency – Mind and muscles working together as one
Athletic performance is more than just having a good looking body. If you can train the muscles to work together more efficiently, then you can run faster, jump higher, and simply perform better. As or us, the most efficient way to help your muscles work together better is to look at all aspects of the human body together, especially the brain.

Empowerment – Learn a fundamental set of tools to be control of your health
A large focus of our program is to empower you with the tools you need to establish a foundation for your well-being and ability, whether that’s at the studio or out in life. We provide you with a platform for understanding functional exercise as well as the inner workings of the human body.

Longevity – Develop a lifetime fitness habit
“Working out” can feel like an uphill battle. Despite the effort, it feels like you end up taking one step forward and two steps back with reoccurring pain and flare ups. The core focus of our program is based in longevity to make sure that you’re always progressing. The workouts, as well as the movements and exercises we teach, are all designed to support long term health and efficient strength. Instead of purely aiming for short term goals like lifting more weight, the long term goal for all of our clients to to move under more control with better efficiency.

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