Liz Makin

Business coach, mentor & stress management consultant

Liz Makin is an experienced business coach, business mentor and stress management consultant based in England with over 25 years of business experience at senior management and director level, as well as a Masters degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change.

Liz has been running her own business Makin It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management since 2002 which provides business coaching, business mentoring and stress management to business owners, directors, managers and professionals from small and medium sized companies to international organisations.

Liz support clients to maximise the performance of their business, to maximise their own personal performance at work, in dealing with high levels of stress at work or in their business, when going through stressful and challenging times and in managing stress and building resilience to stress over time.

On the stress side Liz supports clients on a one to one basis to talk through what they are experiencing, to recognise the symptoms of their stress, to identify and to understand the causes of their stress, to move forward and to develop stress management strategies to help them manage stress positively going forward and build their resilience to stress over time.

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