Mara Bogado Poisson

Certified Spanish Teacher by International House (IH)

My name is Mara Bogado-Poisson, I am owner and founder of the Latin American Language Center, a Spanish language school specialized for professionals. I am certified with the "International House (IH) Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a foreign language". I have been preparing curriculum and teaching Spanish since 2008 both in Argentina and the United States. In the past couple of years our company has seen enormous growth because our lessons are fun, efficient and above all very cost conscious. 

Latin American Language Center, Inc. (LALC) brings to the US a fresh way of learning Spanish with our Spanish tutoring services – as if you were in a foreign country. LALC offers Spanish lessons tailored to meet a broad spectrum of learning styles. LALC hosts regular Spanish events at Chicago hotspots, and provides resources for you to explore Latin American culture in your own city, so that students can practice Spanish, enjoy Latin music, drinks, and cuisine. LALCenter has successfully created a community of life-long Spanish learners and friends!  If you are not in Chicago, you have online platforms where you can exchange English for Spanish.


"To open a door lacking in borders to communication by helping people out of their comfort zone towards a path to happiness"


“To provide an affordable, efficient and fun language learning experience”

Five adjectives that describe the Spanish teachers at Latin American Language Center Inc. (LALC):

Fun and efficient

Cost Effective 

Also, we focus on the languages of Latin American, we absolutely believe that if you offer too many things you can't be too good at any of them. We prefer to specialize, update methodologies and build ways of teaching that adjust to the constant changes of society, technology and globalization.

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