Solution Architect

I am a Solution Architect and have been working on this area for last 15 years. Prior to that, had worked for 1+ years as Mechanical Engineer for an Automobile manufacturing company in India.

I have designed and delivered 7 projects till date, including one with multi-country and multi-site roll-outs. My deep understanding of Business processes, communication and expertise in data-modeling were key to such success.

I have participated and won 4 large out of 7 that I was involved. My technical expertise, estimation, communication and presentation capabilities were key enablers for this success.

Have successfully completed 4 consulting assignments. This includes successful development of POC as well. Has groomed a lot of associates to solution architect role, till date.

Have considerable domain knowledge in Manufacturing, Automotive, Power & Gas distribution, Automotive Leasing, Consulting domain. 

I have mostly developed BI and reporting solutions using both SAP and non-SAP based technologies. Recently building a java based OLTP plant-floor solution as well using Java and Web Technologies (HTML5, CSS, JS). Have technical exposure to big data and Apache Hadoop Eco System (HBase, Hive, Pig) as well.

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