Kate Cassidy

Happiness Scientist, Truth Seeker and Wellness Activist

Hello! My name is Kate. I am a happiness scientist, wellness activist and truth seeker with a passion to protect the voiceless.

My mission is to open people's hearts and educate on power of self-love, forgiveness, how to be happy from within and healthy vegan eating.

My path led me to discover inner happiness and the power of self-love, as I was very unhappy and traumatized as a child. Deep down I knew that happiness can be achieved from within and not dependant on external circumstances. 

Even after I achieved some things externally which made me feel satisfied in the short term, I still felt a gap and inner emptiness - a feeling that something is missing.

Only after years of suffering I realised that true happiness can only be achieved through self-discovery, by going inside and reconnecting with yourself. Facing and healing your deeper wounds and filling that missing gap with self-love and forgiveness.

I have spent 9 years developing spiritual studies, self-discovery and mastering the mind.
I am devoted to organic and healthy living, veganism, creating a compassionate planet and sharing the truth on what's really going on in the world today. 


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