Kasey Shah

Attorney at Law & Information Technology Professional

I am an attorney at law admitted to practice law in California. I passed the Bar Exam on my first attempt in 2014. I was recipient of the best brief award in the legal writing course during my law school years. I also passed the Patent Bar Exam, which is a pre-requisite to become a patent agent or a patent attorney.

I have a formula that I want to share with the future bar and patent bar exam candidates, which will help them prepare & pass these very difficult licensing exams. I have taken 25 or so such licensing and certification exams over my career and I know what it takes to pass such difficult exam. Bar Exam and Patent Bar Exam are two of the most difficult exams out there. I am extremely passionate about teaching the law, mentoring my students, and providing my extensive support to my students. Pass the Bar and/or the Patent Bar Exam and add highly anticipated word “Esq.' or Patent Agent, or Patent Attorney at the end of your name! 

As my second persona, I am a technology professional with 20+ years of experience working in various capacities in information technology space in Silicon Valley. I have worked for reputable companies as well as founded and operated my own business for several years.

I hold Master of Science (MS) degree in Computer Engineering from University of Southern California. I also hold Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Concord Law School. In addition; over the last two decades, I have achieved over 20 certifications from various IT companies. I am a staunch believer of life-long learning and mentoring. I enjoy learning new topics and share my knowledge. 

Teaching at Udemy is like coming to a full circle for me. In 1998, I founded an IT training company called Hello Computers; training students for Cisco, Microsoft, Check Point, Sun, Oracle, and ISC2 technologies. I trained thousands of students over several years. I authored four books for four different CCIE certification tracks that were sold to thousands of customers for $495 per book!

In 1999, I was one of the early adopters delivering technology training over the internet. Over the years, I trained thousands of students across the world for CCIE exam using WebEx. We achieved an unimaginable feat in year 2000 when students from UK, New Zealand, Africa, and Japan enrolled in 5 day class for $4K each without ever seeing an instructor. Since then, technology has come a long way. Today, instructors on Udemy are training millions of students across the world!

I am extremely thrilled to be teaching courses on Udemy. I plan on teaching law as well as technology related courses on Udemy platform. I feel that I bring in a unique perspective as a technology savvy lawyer and I want to share my knowledge, experience, and passion with my students. 

I look forward to collaborating with each and everyone of you. There is a statistics out there that one who engages in conversation about learning subjects is twice more likely to succeed. I promise to respond to every single message in all formats including q&a forum, tweet, Facebook post, discussion topic, email, text and so on. I am grateful for your enrollment in my class and I look forward to working with you closely!

Thank you and see you in my class!

Customer quote for one of my courses on Udemy:

"Hey Kasey! I'm using the OmniPrep patent bar course, and supplementing it with your course. I must say, I am thankful that I had a solid understanding of the patent fundamentals prior to your course. I'm halfway done at the moment, and each question makes me realize "WOW.. I thought I knew this.. but not in this insane level of detail!" I'm hopeful to pass the exam and would love your guidance to help me along the way. Thank you! The course rocks and I hope to finish this weekend. :D

Hey! I just finished your class and wow.. amazing!! I wish you did more for the Patent Bar!!!!!! I want to do more questions (variations of the ones you taught), and others. I'd love to engage with people so I can pass this test. Thank you!"

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