Judith Kwentoh

Author, PCQI, Digital Marketing Expert and Business Coach

Judith Kwentoh is a Mother, Wife, Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Business Coach and also an Accredited Practitioner at the Chartered Institute of Quality. She has an extensive knowledge on how businesses can position themselves properly in the market place to become a recognised leader in their niche. She is also a member of the governing body her kids school.

But all these did not happen over night!

Judith studied Biomedical Material Sciences and Engineering at Queen Mary University of London and graduated in 2003. She also got married right after that and started her family. Due to this big change in her life she decided to leave her Engineering career and take care of her kids at home. While enjoying her life as a stay at home mum she felt this wasn't enough, she felt there was more to life than this. She wanted more. In her search for change she feel in love with social networking sites - Facebook and Twitter to be exact; and that's when her love for social networking began.

Then in 2008 her husband suggested she should turn her love for social networking into a business and that is when Social2MS was born!

She started offering social media marketing services to clients and was loving every second! But she knew she could even do more!

Then her husband who is an Internet Marketing Expert himself bought her Kate Buck's - "How to become a social media manager" training; to help her improve her business.

This took her business to another level!! Her income tripled! She now understood how to create different packages to suit the needs of her different clients. She also got the chance to work in various niches.

She has been blessed to work and help so many businesses but knew deep within her she could do more, she could really support her clients and prospects better. So she went on to further her education. In 2011 she registered at David Hutchins International Quality College to study Quality Management. She did not stop there, she also became a member of the Institute of Quality Management, where she even got accredited as a Practitioner!

This took Judith to a different level in business. She also went on to be one of the featured speakers at the largest business startup event in the UK - Business Start Up event 2012.

Her love for speaking begun. She discovered that she loves guiding her clients not just offering a service. She noticed she loved answering their questions. She enjoyed the challenge. Also noticed that entrepreneurs like herself struggled in some areas she'd excelled in. So she thought why not teach them, why not show them what to do, why not use her experience and show them the pitfalls in business, in marketing and use her experience and even her Quality management knowledge to create teaching materials. This was when Digital Success Blueprint was born!

Judith and her husband are co-owners of DigitalSuccessBlueprint. So they combined their skills together to coach and even offer "Done For You" packages.

It did not stop there...

Judith and her husband went on to start offering their specialised digital marketing services and coaching Hotel Business Owners! at HotelsDigitalMarketing.

They even went on to launch their book on Kindle called Social media marketing tips for hotels.

Judith loves working with entrepreneurs like herself, even other coaches and consultants.

She has gone on to create multiple coaching packages for Hotel businesses, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants! Where she educates her clients on how to develop & manage their sales funnels, create products, run profitable product launches and put together customer relationship processes. She also shows them how to assess customer requirements, set quality standards, monitor performance in their business and much more.

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