Jonnalyn Camba

Language Instructor at UDemy

Hi. I’m Jonnalyn and like you, I know how challenging it can be to learn a foreign language. I was born and lived in the Philippines for most of my childhood. I am fluent in English and Tagalog, and also know French, Spanish, and Italian with varying levels of proficiency. At one point, I was also trying to learn Japanese. I’ve designed this course, keeping my experiences and struggles in mind when learning a new language.

My advice to you is to keep learning, keep practicing, and when you are struggling, remember to enjoy the journey. Note the differences but also Accept the differences between your primary language and Tagalog. Whether this is your first time learning a second language or you are already multilingual, know that the rewards of learning this new language will be something that money can’t buy. Learning Tagalog will bring you closer to Filipino people like no other can. It will help you understand us, our culture, our psyche, our hearts.

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