John William Russell

Knowledge Applied is Power.

My initial professional background hails from the construction industry where I worked for a railway civil engineering contractor for seven years. My work in that field spanned, bridge assessment and maintenance works, surveying and construction project management and I have lectured at the University of Central England in the design of structural elements for the award of the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Civil Engineering Studies. My attention was swayed towards the air transport industry in the late nineties and I spent the latter part of that decade training and qualifying as a pilot. I am a qualified flying instructor for the Private Pilot’s Licence and several other associated flying ratings. I have instructed on the RAF Central Flying school cadet scholarship programme and I have been an airline captain for a UK regional airline for the last ten years. For many years I harboured an unanswered curiosity for Arboriculture, particularly the aerial access and chainsaw operations. In 2010 I negotiated a part time contract with my airline employer so that I could train as a tree surgeon. I was mentored by one of the best trainers and operators in the UK industry, whose experience spans two decades, helping to set industry standards and codes of practise as well as performing an assessment function for the National Proficiency Test Council. I qualified in 2011 in chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling, climbing and aerial rescue, and chainsaw operations from rope and harness. I now split my time between flying and subcontract works in arboriculture for my good friend and mentor who provided my training. I quickly realized how many people own and use chainsaws but do so without any formal instruction on the care of their machine. I also knew, from experience, that for the sake of a few hours instruction a chainsaw can be a valuable asset for life or a redundant relic just weeks after purchase. With my background in technical disciplines, teaching, both practical and theoretical subjects and industry specific knowledge I hope to have produced a valuable course which will bridge the gap between professional industry training and the domestic chainsaw owner/operator which will confer value tenfold in excess of its cost.

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