Joerg Osarek

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business Pioneer

Since 2012 Joerg Osarek dove deep into the Virtual and Augmented Reality and specialized in VR/AR Analytics, Cinematic VR and VR/AR Business Trainings and Projects. Joerg Osarek is keynote speaker and IT Management consultant for game changing technologies. He is founder of skilltower institute that explores subjects always some time ahead of mainstream strategically as well as with hands on implementations. His background with 3D computer graphics dating back to the late 1980s comes in handy. His personal portfolio ranges from strategy and interim management to hands on architecture and coding of complex IT systems and VR production pipelines. Osarek works in IT consulting since 1992 and co founded the its-people it consulting business in 2003. He is author of various books about consulting and the impact of IT on our civilization. With the subjects he picks up his customers are always some years ahead of mainstream which allows them to gain a competitive advantage. Already in 2012 he published the book: "SoMoLo" on Big data systems with social, mobile, local technology - now standard in many enterprises. Osarek and his sustainable IT professional network support the customer from visionary ideas to their implementation projects until they go live within the customer's business. Customer's Project topics range from the creation of interactive virtual worlds over connecting those systems with enterprise backend systems, to their automation and virtualization.

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