Jerry Roberts

Business and Personal Skills Instructor at Udemy

Jerry Roberts has over three decades of market-leading experience in broadcasting, promotions and special events, magazine publishing, and training.

He has trained over 10,000 people over the past 20 years in the areas of leadership, supervision, employee engagement and retention, communications, team building, selling skills, customer service and other courses designed to build stronger organizations with greater profitability.

Roberts has written over 25 major training courses that have been used by corporations, small businesses, local governments and federal agencies.

He believes in working “all sides” of the organization, training frontline workers, managers and executives alike in order to get as many people as possible aligned to the same principles and strategies needed to drive progress.

He says, “Unless you get everyone involved, from bottom to top, the chances of training really taking hold throughout an organization is compromised because accountability and implementation are going to be a problem.”

Concurrent with his training business Roberts launched an upscale and upbeat regional business magazine that became the leader in its category, serving as its publisher for 16 years.

The publication proved to be must-read material for the vast majority of managers and executives in both the private and public sectors, and it led important conversations on economic growth, human resources, training, productivity and more.

During this period he was widely recognized as a regional authority on leadership and building employee engagement and value.

Roberts also produced well over 1,500 daily radio commentaries on business issues that ran for six years, focusing on similar topics that his magazine covered. This commentary is scheduled to be revived in podcast form this year.

Prior to his publishing and training ventures, Roberts owned a promotions company that created over 30 major productions both for the business and consumer markets. Included were home shows, business expos, wedding fairs, and “taste of”-style food events. All of these programs drew crowds in the thousands.

Roberts began his media and marketing career in the broadcasting field as a morning radio disk jockey, doubling his station’s audience and revenues. Eventually, his role expanded into programming, promotions, and sales over a nine-year run.

Between his broadcasting and publishing activities, Roberts has interviewed over 2,000 news makers from the offbeat variety to major celebrities, as well as high-ranking business and government leaders.

Of his current focus, Roberts says: “I’m an evangelist for improving the workplace. I have the privilege of helping front line workers, corporate managers and small business owners alike in creating a better and more productive environment that benefits everyone. The exciting part is that when I help people change today, it will eventually end up bringing rewards to countless people I’ll never meet. Once you plant the seed, it just keeps bringing forth fruit.”

His community involvement includes being active in efforts to benefit homeless individuals; and he has also been called upon to address high school and college student groups on the realities of the workplace and how to succeed.

He lives in the U.S. territory of Guam, a small Pacific island community; is married with four children and six grandchildren. He is an ordained elder in his local church.

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