Jen Mac

Your Enrichment Coach

The Enrichment Academy is a community based business built on the foundation of Spirituality, Health, Wealth and Relationships.

I have created several courses around these 4 pillars. We go through life learning lessons along the way about all of these topics and if we are lucky we can teach some of these life lessons to others to lessen their struggles because we have already been there.

That is what I have done. I am an avid learner and studier of each and every one of these topics and have improved my own life in so many ways.

When a problem arises I take to the books. I hope you enjoy my courses and check me out online under any of the following locations.

Facebook -
The Enrichment Academy (business page and closed group - just ask to join)
The Peaceful Parent 
Master Your Mind

Take care and keep learning!

Jen Mac

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