Janika Leoste

Robotics Educator

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My speciality is marketing novel and innovative technologies via scalable edutaining methods, bringing them to the maximum amount of end-users by using interactive presentations, lectures and social media, and bringing these from the level of innovative research to the level of the end product.

2014 until now I have been active as a robotics educator for the school teachers in popularising STE(A)M and robotics among educational sector with a goal of relaying the necessary STE(A)M education through teachers to the children, helping thus growing a generation of highly educated young people.

I have produced more than 1000 educational cartoons, 20 educational books and workbooks (total copies more than 200 000 units), and trained more than 2000 teachers and students via classroom courses and workshops.

Online Educational Cartoons (as screenwriter 2005-2016)
YouTube Channel Lastekas - 22 739 subscribers • 59 797 588 views• 1 178 videos

Online And Classroom Robotics Courses For Teachers - YouTube Channel Koolirobootika

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