J. Rey

Scientist and Serial Entrepreneur

Are You Ready To Follow Your Dreams

I just LOVE Small/Home Businesses, because it is from here that great things are born! Literally going from "just an idea" to a successful, thriving business is the thrill and life juice that keeps us going!

Before becoming immersed in Small/Home Business Entrepreneurship, I've held jobs working for corporate America in various Fortune 500 companies, but my true passion and goal has always been to be a business owner. I have a long track record of starting and operating Small/Home Businesses, including: Network Express, Savings Warehouse, and my latest: Spada Innovations.

Education Comes From Many Places

Even though I have formal education in the engineering sciences, my experience has shown that the knowledge and practical skills gained from the "School Of Hard Knocks" often prove to be the most valuable. And now I'm sharing my expertise with you.

I Still Love Innovating New Ideas

I still find time to experiment with different things. My latest creation? I have co-authored a new communications technology approach for the advancement of high-speed, secure networks. It seems that everybody loves the Internet and can't get enough speed, so we designed and developed the "Mutually Secure Multi-Tenant Optical Data Network" (U. S. Patent Pending: US2013/053389).

Make A Plan, Take Action On Your Plan, And Start Living Your Dream !

I am all about working hard, enjoying life, and having our sights set on over-achieving. Don't just settle for what is, go and make it better!

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