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iFreedom Practice Academy was fonded in 2011, the fonder is Yu-Teng, Chou and Yen-Ling, Yeh in Taiwan. The two Fonder travel around the world across five states to learn with the Billionaire, Business Leader and World Guru. They dedicate to helping entrepreneur increase the cash flow in the business and improve their quality of life.

過去7年來,iFreedom 教育學苑協助兩岸的企業家在事業上及個人成長上擁有爆炸性的突破。iFreedom教育學苑輔導過的企業如坪林東木河百年茶莊、宜蘭兆豐銀行、台南大必佳兒童美語補習班、中國山西運城市精神病醫院。育騰教練協助企業家們突破自我限制的思維、精通自我表達、打造不同凡想的冠軍團隊,並在短短六週內提升15%~150%的營收!

For over sever years, iFreedom Practice Academy has helped the entrepreneur in China and Taiwan to create the explosive breakthrough in their business and personal development. We have consulted and trained the business owner and team, including: The Hundred-Year-of-Tea-Restaurant in Taipei, the Mega-Bank in Yilan, The DBG English School in Tainan, The Mental Hospital in Shanxi of China.We help them break through the self-limied mindset, master the expression of their own, build the remarkable championship team, and boot their income in six weeks. 

在過去6年來創辦人-育騰教練同時也從事世界大師英文同步口譯的事業,接觸六位億萬富翁、商業領袖、世界大師,這些領袖包含:美國前總統小布希、英國首富維京集團總裁-理察布蘭森(Richard Branson)、全球財經權威雜誌《富比士》集團的總裁-史帝夫富比士(Steve Forbs)、X大獎創辦人彼得·戴曼迪斯(Peter Diamandis)、油神皮肯斯(T. Boone Pickens)、末日博士麥嘉華(Marc Faber)、億萬富翁約翰·保爾森(John Paulson) 、過去三十年來預測最精準的經濟學家哈利‧鄧特二世(Harry Dent)、富爸爸羅勃特清崎(Robert Kiyosaki)、突破大師安東尼羅賓(Anthony Robbins)、有錢人想的和你不一樣暢銷書作家-哈福艾克(Harv Ekar)...等,協助亞洲的華人們習得世界大師與商業領袖們的智慧與策略。

For over six years, Yu-teng has also ran the Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation business for the world guru, contacting with six billionaire、business leader、world guru, including: George W Bush- The 43rd President of the United States, Sir Richard Branson- The Fonder of the Virgin Business Group, Steve Forbes- The President of The Forbes Group, Peter Diamandis- The Fonder of X Price, T.Boone Pickens- The Oil Guru, Dr. Marc Faber- the stock expert, John Paulson- a billionaire , The economist Harry Dent, Robert Kyosaki- The Bestselling author and Entrepreneur, The Break- Through Guru Tony Robbins, Harv Ekar- The bestselling author and Entrepreneur...etc. Yu-Teng help the Chinese in Asia learn the wisdom and strategy from Guru.


In 2009, Yu-teng Coach got the certificate from Richdad Group, officially became the the leader of the Cash Flow Club in Singapore.


In 2013, Yu-teng got the license of the Laugh And Awareness Program from Jayne Johnson, the mentor of Robert Kyosaki- the best-selling author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad and, Blair Singer- The Rich Dad's Consultant for Sale and Leadership .He was the only one Business Coach, who got the license in Taiwan.


From 2015 to 2016, Yu-teng has helped more than 160 entrepreneur and manager to break through the dilemma in Business and create the outstanding Business Team and Life.


Yu-Teng also help one investor Harbin of China solve the problem, existing in her life and business for more than 40 years, having an excelling financial and personal life. 


Our Mission:
We improve all people around the world the quality of life, creating the force for good by the transformation of business.

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