Ian Allan

24 yrs GIS Educator & Consultant: 2 Courses, 4600+ Students!

Hi. It's great to meet you.

My introductory GIS courses use the free Quantum GIS, and comes from the place of an experienced GIS consultant.

* I teach Professional people how to incorporate “spatial” into their projects.
* I teach GIS technicians how to work with the non GIS savvy.

I have worked with Geographical Information Systems for over two decades. In the 1990's I co-wrote Monash University’s first two GIS courses – Social Applications of GIS (using census and other data) and Environmental Applications of GIS (using grid and satellite imagery). Both courses were ahead of their time - multi-media and delivered online. They were taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

GIS is a very broad topic and there are many ways to teach it. My approach is that of a geographer who uses GIS as a tool to solve geographical problems.  Most GISs these days are similarly capable, but for me there is a problem in that too many GIS professionals do not understand the data they manage. Too often I see professionals discussing this-or-that modelling algorithm while failing to understand that the data they’re using for their modelling is not up to the task.

Currently based in Victoria, Australia, I have consulted on a diverse range of projects – environmental, sustainability planning, and human. Clients have included the United Nations, the Australian Federal Government, Victorian State Government, Local Governments, Australian Universities, and Water Utilities.  

My refereed publications are diverse…

* Environmental sustainability modelling for Local Government planning.
* Housing affordability modelling for State Government planning.
* Buried asset condition modelling for the water industry

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