Ian Allan

Geographer and GIS educator

Hi. It's great to meet you.

My introductory GIS course uses the free Quantum GIS, and comes from the place of an experienced GIS consultant.

* I teach Professional people how to incorporate “spatial” into their projects.
* I teach GIS technicians how to work with the non GIS savvy.

I have worked with Geographical Information Systems for over two decades. While working as an analyst-programmer in the banking sector I studied geography at Monash University. In 1992 I began researching and then teaching Geographical Information Systems. It was at a time when computers were slow, software was clunky and little geographical data were available. I co-wrote Monash University’s first two GIS courses – Social Applications of GIS (using census and other data) and Environmental Applications of GIS (using grid and satellite imagery). Both courses were ahead of their time - multi-media and delivered online. They were taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

GIS is a very broad topic and there are many ways to teach it. My approach is that of a geographer who uses GIS as a tool to solve geographical problems.  Most GISs these days are similarly capable, but for me there is a problem in that too many GIS professionals do not understand the data they manage. Too often I see professionals discussing this-or-that modelling algorithm while failing to understand that the data they’re using for their modelling is not up to the task.

Currently based in Victoria, Australia, I have consulted on a diverse range of projects – environmental, sustainability planning, and human. Clients have included the United Nations, the Australian Federal Government, Victorian State Government, Local Governments, Australian Universities, and Water Utilities.  

My refereed publications are diverse…

* Environmental sustainability modelling for Local Government planning.
* Housing affordability modelling for State Government planning.
* Buried asset condition modelling for the water industry

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