Harris from Paris

Movie Maker

'Harris from Paris' has been a professional movie maker and photojournalist his entire adult life. He started as a broadcast cameraman covering the Paris fashion scene, the runway and backstage, profiling designers and super models.

He later covered Hollywood movie productions on location, studying master directors before setting up his own production company. Rather than going the big-crew, big-budget route, he prefers his discreet photojournalist style. His low-key approach has allowed him access to film discreetly in places that would otherwise be off limits such as backstage Paris cabarets and remote ethnic villages in Indonesia.

Harris from Paris has mastered the fine art of creating movies from concept to completion without a crew. In this course, he shares his extensive movie-making knowledge and welcomes students with any level of experience.

He recently completed his movie, 'Venice Beach California.' He is currently working on 'Spark the Party,' about the music scene in Los Angeles.

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