Dr. Harold Saavedra

Courses Made Simple

Welcome to my courses. I am Dr Saavedra and I will be guiding you throughout these courses. 

For the past 18+ years I have been teaching science and math in the high school and college level as an adjunct professor. I have had the privilege of teaching biology, physical science, Honors Physiology, chemistry, algebra, SAT/ACT test prep, Entrance exam for college and high school.

I like to teach my students all the tricks that I have learned throughout my teaching years. A lot of those tips come from comments that the students have made themselves about how they learn better. 

About half of the courses that I teach invlolve students with learning disabilities. Therefore, I know how to deal with students who have learning issues. The neat thing about this idea is that everyone can benefit from the simple, easy methods, regardless of wheater you have disabilities or not. 

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